Posted by: Stephan Muller | September 10, 2010

Tum-mo Meditation

For those of you who are familiar with this story, or this meditation technique, this post might not be of much value. If not, the following will absolutely amaze you.

My psychology teacher introduced us to Tum-mo (inner heat) meditation last week. A practice that will relieve stress, anxiety,  depression and help lower blood pressure. A form of meditation that alters how the body functions.

You must be wondering, what is so amazing about that? Herbert Benson, an American cardiologist, ran experiments on practicing monks in Tibet. He was curious to find out what Tum-mo meditation did to the bodies of these people. His results were absolutely astonishing. In near freezing temperatures, the monks would dip a sheet in cold water and wrap it around themselves. You and I should mustn’t  try this at home – the chance of us not surviving would be too high. However, these monks would go into a deep trance, focussing on their breathing, and clearing their minds. Their body heat would increase so drastically, that the wet sheet they had wrapped around 15 minutes before, had completely dried up. Benson took their practices to the West, and used them as a treatment for those suffering of stress, high blood pressure or cardiac irregular activity.

Don’t believe me? You might some need some reassurance, so check out this link.



  1. they do not say “MIND OVER MATTER” for nothing!!

  2. I think the mind is the most important and powerful tool in the body,that is mostly never used to its fullest capacity.
    These monks living such a simplistic life have shown us what our minds can achieve when put to the test.

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