Posted by: Stephan Muller | September 11, 2010

The Spanish Domination

Pick up the sports section of the New York Times, The Guardian, or (especially) El Mundo, and you will find a Spanish team or individual praised for their athletic performance. Most recently of course, the football/soccer World Cup in South Africa. The same team that had won the European Championships two years ago in Vienna. On club level, the main teams dominate locally and internationally. Real Madrid and Barcelona have made their mark with their impressive squads and their significant amount financial resources that have been made available to them. Then onto my favorite sport, tennis. Rafael Nadal currently dominates at number 1 in the world. He has won this year’s French Open and Wimbledon and is currently preparing to play his semi final right here in NY at the U.S. Open.

What else are the Spaniards good at? Well, Contador won the Tour de France, beating 7-time winner Lance Armstrong. Jorge Lorenzo stands at number 1 in the Grand Prix standings in Motorbike racing. Finally, Paul Gasol was part of the Lakers N.B.A title win this year as well.

What makes Spain such a dominant force in sports? As a tennis player, I know dedication is a must. Blood, sweat, and tears day in, day out. Rafael Nadal is the perfect example of ultimate dedication. During the Wimbledon tournament last June, Rafa had cancelled a meet with Queen Elizabeth II because he needed to get enough practice in before his next match. If that doesn’t portray an immense sense of commitment, then nothing does. As for Contador, the bike-aholic, he needed infusion after every race. Roughly 220 km (135 miles) was the distance each participant had to complete to reach the finish line. Alberto (Contador) burned so many calories each day, that food by itself was not enough to recover from his daily loss. He therefor needed infusion to regain enough (food) liquids to be able to compete the next day. Commitment is what stands out when looking at the elite Spanish athletes. They set an example for all young aspiring athletes in football, tennis, basketball, etc. Even though my country of origin (Holland) had to take a bow to the Spanish giants in the World Cup Final, I have nothing but respect for the men who have raised the bar in sports. Amazing.



  1. very informative. love that. respect.

  2. They are definately hard working, disciplined, persistent and just do not give up. Looking forward to watching Nadal tonight!!

  3. Agreed. Barcelona is my home team, and the second richest soccer team in the world, second to Real Madrid. The Spanish just know how to do it! šŸ™‚

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