Posted by: Stephan Muller | September 13, 2010

The War on Drugs

The Mexican Government vs. the Drug Cartel. Or is it? Yet another controversial subject that raises questions that cannot be answered. Is part of the police force involved in the cartel? Is corruption expanding within the country? Will tourism within the Mexican border be as it once was? Let me give you some facts and you decide for yourself.

and you thought the war in Iraq was costly

28,000 people have died in drug-related incidents since the current president (Calderon) assumed office in 2006. Mothers, fathers, daughters and sons have all been victim to the relentless drug organization that terrorizes Mexico. The reason the the industry is so popular (yet so devastating) is because the market in the United States is able and willing to buy the product the cartel is selling: drugs. The U.S. has given over a billion dollars to help Mexico conquer this never ending fight. Yet how does a billion dollars compare to the estimated $40 billion the cartel makes every year. The borders aren’t an issue, they smuggle their drugs without any hassle. Underground tunnels have been their main way of transportation, but they explore different options. The cartel has found  a way to store cocaine in hollow missiles (attached to boats, ships, etc.) and have their respective connections receive the drugs at the docks of the American coast and deliver the goods where they need to go.

The cartel is smart, efficient, and will always find ways to deliver. They have taken over villages, towns and cities, where they pay the population a higher wage than the country’s factories do. Why work if the money comes in effortlessly? All that these citizens have to do is keep quiet about the activities that are going on around them. Of course the Mexican government is doing all they can to ease the problem – it’s not enough. The demand for drugs is not going to decrease any time soon. Recent data shows 8% of the U.S. population, 12 and above, have used to drugs in the past year. The cartel has expanded southwards into Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as well. Corruption already rules these countries, so it is an easy target for the cartel to recruit new members and train them in this safe haven. Money truly rules this part of the world and a solution is yet to be found to re-establish Mexico to the country it was before drugs came into play. All I know is that Mexico cannot fight this problem by themselves – any help?



  1. Awesome blog!!

  2. legalize partly? a possibility discussed frequently and with a lot of emotions.

  3. Legalize marijuana – just like alcohol. Numbers will definately drop.

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