Posted by: Stephan Muller | November 12, 2010

Change a Life

Arguments have been made that schools destroy creativity, I beg to differ. Two weeks ago, my anthropology teacher Kyra Gaunt had introduced the class to a remarkable individual via Skype. Renu Bagaria, based in Nepal, explained her passion to us at 2am Nepal time. It was 4:15pm for us. Along with others, she takes children of the lowest strata of society, off the streets, and into the Koseli center. Koseli, meaning gift in English,  provides these unfortunate children with food, clothing, education and even fulfill their medical needs.

Before this class, professor Gaunt asked us what $200 buys us in our respective countries. One student said it would buy him a pair of jeans, another said you would be able to hire a maid for a month. What no one mentioned or was aware of, is that practically the same amount of money, $275, would allow for a child in Koseli to be supplied with all that the center has, for an entire year. Once again, $275 gets a Koseli child food, clothing, education, and medical needs for an ENTIRE year. This made me think about the next pair of jeans I was going to buy. I realized how unaware I was about the lives of these Nepalese children. I was so moved by what Renu does for them that I wanted to get involved. I want to make a difference and so do many people in my anthropology class in NYC.

I want to make people aware of Koseli, and show YOU how you can change lives. Renu currently has 75 children under her arm. Do you think this is enough? I think not. After researching poverty in Nepal, I came across the following statistics. 39% of the Nepalese children under the age of 5 face malnutrition. Another 43% are illiterate (15 years and above). Renu is trying to improve these statistics, and we can be that difference.

With a healthy number of small donations from students and others, we can educate a child in Nepal, and with a viral campaign assisting us we can assist many children get a year of education. Besides money, supplies are needed. From toiletries, stationary and clothing, to desks, and even laptops. We all know how important education is, yet we often take it for granted. These children have embraced it.

Check out Kosali’s website to read all about these kids and Renu’s project. Make sure you check out the picture gallery as well.

If you want to make a difference in the life of a child that desperately needs your help  – email me at The smallest contributions are welcome. 



  1. Great invitation. How do we begin to close on donations?? We have to create an effective strategy

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