About Me

My name is Stephan Muller and I’m a student in NYC. I want to share with you all that amazes me about today’s world – analyzing breaking news, getting to the bottom of controversial events, exploring different cultures, people, etc. There will be a large variation of subjects, and I will provide you with my view on them – with an open view.

More me.
I come from a very international background. My father was born and raised in The Netherlands, and my mother in Mumbai, India. I grew up in Holland. However, when I was 14 years old we moved to Dubai. I graduated from High School and went on to college in New Jersey, Fairleigh Dickinson University. I decided to switch colleges and am now attending Baruch College in NYC. I play college tennis and will most likely be mentioning tennis in my blogs considering the sport plays a huge part of my life. I believe in being dedicated and sticking to what you believe in, something that tennis has taught me over the years. Enjoy



  1. Keep up the writing bro.
    Its good to see and hear some familiar thoughts and opinions on whats happening these days.
    Hows NYC treating you and when are you planning on hopping across the lake and dipping into London for a while?
    Catch you in dxb bro.

    • Thanks for the reply Noah. Good to hear from you again. NYC is great, finally settled into the apartment and the hectic lifestyle. Hope to see you in London soon. If not, Dubai in December? Looking forward to it.

  2. love to see you pursue this. Really great

  3. Stephan,
    It seems you are doing very well and are seetled in NYC. I am acutally jelous that you get to live there. When I lived there ; I LOVED it. Even though, Dubai is nice, it does not compare to New York. And when you get tired of the city, you can always get out to the beautiful country side that surrounds the city.
    I hope you make it often to your aunty in Long Island.

    Taka care and study hard. Don’t play hard 🙂

    Maya Fernandez

  4. He Steph,

    Was looking through your Linkedin profile and ended in your blog
    Know you are quite busy, but am missing your writings

    Take care


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